Designing Your Garden With Metal Feng Shui

 Designing Your Garden With Metal Feng Shui

Your garden space is for you to think about life, the weather and the universe. Your garden is your way of saying thank you to nature.

I encourage you to design your garden space based on the five elements: metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. A well-balanced garden will have a great understanding of Feng Shui.
Everything around you is made of chemicals. We are in a constant flow of chemical reactions. The way you grow your garden affects the flow of chemicals around you. The way you arrange items in your space has meaning on a spiritual, invisible, and visible, physical level.

Metal in the feng shui garden
The metal is supported by the earth.
The mineral supports water.
Destroy metal with fire.
Metal destroys wood.
Metal is considered yin energy. To help extract the mineral, follow the principles of yin.
In the Chinese zodiac, the Monkey and Rooster represent metal.
Metal represents autumn. Autumn has the power to break the magic and grandeur of spring. Autumn removes the chloroplasts that make plants green.
Minerals are represented by round and oval shapes.

Things caught between yin and yang

There is a change between yin and yang. In nature, things change gradually from one quality to another. If night suddenly turns into day, we will panic. Sunset and sunrise at the top of the day and night. Porches are a mixture of energy and transformation.

Headers are important to consider when designing your garden. You want to move slowly from one element to the next. It's good to mix the elements in your space. Changing dramatically from one element to another can be annoying.

The best places for Metal

Mineral flushing is best in the western, northwest, and northern locations of your property. West is dedicated to fulfillment and creation. Northwest represents collaborative people and travel. North is the journey of life, opportunities and your career.

The mineral enhances the creative energy in your environment. The mineral leads to mental activity.
Two of the best plants for influencing mineral energy are hydrangeas and dogwoods.
The main colors of the mineral are white and gray. There are a lot of white vegetables, fruits, flowers and trees. However, gray is one of the most difficult colors to find in nature. Gray is often the enemy of plants, and plants get along well with the wood element.

Curved Paths

In Chinese folklore, only demons can walk in straight lines. Feng shui gardens must have curved paths. It helps to make the garden more creative, streamlined and attractive.

Straight lines are good for growing vegetables.
If you draw everything in straight lines, it can become difficult to see things as they grow. Straight lines can create chaos.
The curves emit gentle qi, which is good for relaxation and meditation.
Curves are also better for supporting mineral energy.
Easy ways to add metal
Metal can be incorporated into your garden using sculptures. Art helps transform your garden, inspiring imagination. Metal in feng shui is about refinement and boldness. A little sparkle can go a long way in creating the right atmosphere for your garden.

Circles represent the sky. The squares represent the Earth. The combination of these two figures into a metal statue translates the phrase: "Heaven on Earth."
Metal garden furniture can help set up spaces for guests and conversation.
Metal trellises will look good in places where you want to support water. Use metal trellises in areas where your plants need extra water. Metal trellises also look good around pools.
Metal fencing should be used in a place where there are not many plants. The plant can cut metal.
Wind chimes help us communicate with sound. Add them for some whimsy.

Build Horizon or Treasure Island

Horison or Horajima is an inaccessible island that is part of the Japanese Garden.

Horisan has neither a bridge nor a road. It is a symbol of the realm of happiness that man cannot find or enter. It is a sacred space in your garden that is reserved for entertaining other things.

It should be a hard-to-reach spot in your garden or yard. You may need to use a ladder, boat, or other device to get there. The space should be covered with coins, treasure chests and shiny objects. The horizon should be very different from the rest of your yard. It should contain plants, different rocks, and other features.

In general, Horisan is isolated by water, has no inhabitants, and seems like a dreamlike place.

You can create something similar by separating the space with a gate or making a pond with streams.
Horison can be a place you set aside to hide the homes of fairies and dwarves.
It's easy to dedicate Horison to the metal element. Add treasures, white benches, mushrooms, and metal furniture.
The space should be abstract, not direct. It must have an unusual topography.

Tools workshop

The tool shed is your shrine to the metal stuff. You should store your tools in an area blocked by vegetation. A metallic element destroys wood. Your tools for mowing, pruning and pruning your garden.

It is best to build your shed with earth features such as stone, brick, stucco, etc. Wood is an exotic material for sheds. The stronger material will also protect the metal tools from bad weather and potential water leaks or other precipitation.
Metal does well in a sheltered location out of direct sunlight. Metal can be damaged or contaminated by sunlight, heat, and excessive heat. Metal should be stored in a cool and dark place.
Garden tools include: shovel, pitchfork, secateurs, axe, secateurs, spade, spade, wheelbarrow, watering can, shovel, hoe.

Family shrine

The mineral is, in many ways, associated with spirituality in traditional Chinese beliefs. Metal can be difficult to incorporate into a garden setting because it is so unusual in some ways. On the other hand, gray is generally a bad sign for plants. Gray = decay or aging.

If you have enough space in your yard, you can create a shrine for your family to remember the past and think about the future. A shrine is a place where urns, bracelets, precious relics, incense, swords, ritual objects, and other relics are kept. This should be a place that you can lock to prevent thieves from entering.

The mineral reminds us to examine ourselves and those around us. It reminds us of genealogy, the continuity of life, and the mystery of life.

The shrine needs a place protected from the sun and heat.
The shrine is supported by earth elements and supports water elements.
It is a place to keep crystals, shiny objects and jewelry. It is a building where you can mourn the dead and reflect on the footsteps of your children.
Mineral space should be set aside for careful reflection and creativity. The metal represents the farming process. Without metal, the garden would go unruly. Without metal the mind becomes chaotic.

Properties of metallic elements

Again, gray is an unusual color in nature. It does not remind people of the taste, whereas if I asked you to think about green food and its taste, you could do it very quickly. The same goes for red, orange, yellow, blue and purple.

Metal is about unseen. It is about history and our connection to the universe.

Minor points about the mineral and the colors that represent it
Tombstones are usually gray or white.
We give jewelry as an inheritance.
We cut the newborns from their mothers with a scalpel.
We end life with a sword.
Metal is an element in the Chinese zodiac that does not fully translate into an element in Western astrology. It could be said that he would be considered the fifth element of the ether.
Metal has a serious and curious nature. We need adequate amounts of minerals and minerals in our foods for optimal health. We need a mineral to fight and defend ourselves. Metal is both a sword and a shield.

Statues of Monkeys and Roosters

In the Chinese zodiac, the Monkey, Rooster and Dog go to other countries to fight evil. They were almost the last of the animals to reach the great race to determine the order of the animals in the zodiac. The Pig followed them, finishing twelfth.

Monkeys and Roosters are affected by the metal. The dog is influenced by the earth, which is the most acceptable element.

The Monkey considers your parents to be guardians. They defend against evil, demons, evil spirits, evil qi, bad vibes, and bad alchemy. You can place statues of monkeys and roosters in your garden to symbolically protect your space.

Consider adding scarecrow monkeys and roosters.
Statues of these animals should be placed in a place where you will meditate to reduce your thoughts.
The crown chakra is considered the highest chakra and represents enlightenment. This chakra is white. Your space for metal should be about clearing up and reaching for a higher version of yourself. Reaching a higher version of yourself also means that you lower yourself in order to become more humble.
Add monkeys and roosters where you want mental clarity.
Monkey is the yang representation of metal. The rooster represents yin.

What not to do

Don't leave rusty metal in your garden. You should remove rusted items immediately, because rust means something is wrong chemically.
Don't leave discarded items on your lawn, such as old cars and broken appliances. This is bad for your plants and can harm your garden.
A whole garden around the mineral is ambitious and not recommended. You want to balance the five elements so that they don't cause too much anxiety.

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