Designing Your Garden With Water Feng Shui

 Designing Your Garden With Water Feng Shui

Feng shui garden design

Water is a great ingredient to use in the garden. In feng shui, you want to balance all five elements: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.

I want to help you come up with ideas for increasing the water element in your garden. This can make your garden more peaceful and will help bring out the wood element.

In traditional Chinese mythology, water symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and your career. The water that flows towards you and is clear brings you good luck and wealth.

properties of the water element
Water destroys fire.
Earth destroyed water.
Water is mineralized.
Water features include: fountains, ponds, waterfalls, sprinklers, hoses, rain, humidity, ice, snow, rivers, streams, wells, ditches, dew, humidity, and cold.
Glass and mirrors mimic the properties of water. Reflection is a property of water.
Ovals and circles relate to water and yin energy.
Water is represented by the principles of yin rather than yang.
Item colors are blue and black. Add plants to these colors to enhance the feng shui of water.

Respect for water

We are made of chemicals, and all around us chemical reactions are taking place. Feng Shui tries to balance the energies around you. Its purpose is to create a positive chemical reaction, not a destructive one.

Water is a heterogeneous mixture. H2O is essential to life. Easily transforms into different states of matter. It is important to keep your water features fresh and watch for potential signs of deterioration, such as unwanted water discoloration, odd water odors, acidity, and aspects that turn water into a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Feng Shui teaches you to take care of and respect water. To have beautiful water around you, you have to treat it well. The healthy water will nourish your plants and strengthen the wood elements.

Life on Earth returns to the oceans.
Our bodies are mostly made up of water. Water is essential to longevity, clarity, and happiness.
The water is impure. It turns into different shapes: ice, steam, liquid, ice, hail, hail, bubbles and foam.
Too much water causes vitamin deficiency and electrolyte depletion. It takes a lot of water to do this.
Too much water causes floods, storms and mold.

Mix your elements for balance

Yin and Yang are polar opposites. Energy is exchanged between these two poles, resulting in the formation of terraces. The cup will be like sunrise and sunset between day and night. Night and day exist at sunrise and sunset. That's good. It will be annoying if night suddenly turns into day and vice versa.

Balconies are important to consider when designing your garden. You want to blend elements seamlessly and gradually transition from one element to the next.

When using water and fire in the same place, add more wood to protect the fire element.
When mixing water and earth, add more metal to protect the water element.
Too much of one thing can be a bad thing. This creates a kind of overflow and makes the element very strong and unstable. Think of it like genetics: You want a healthy flow of different genes interacting. Many genes cause health problems.

Water Feng Shui locations

Before you begin designing your own water space, you'll need to clear things up. Remove items you don't need, make sure you have good lighting, good air quality, and balance things out. It is important to prepare a space before getting to the knee in the design and implementation stages.

You may collaborate with skilled feng shui advisors to choose the optimum placement for water features on your home. The purpose of this article is to give you an overview and inspire your imagination for your outdoor areas. You can always raise your expectations, so don't be afraid to hire an advisor.

Your garden is flourishing

The waters do best in the following areas of the Bagua: east, southeast, and north. It is generally better for the water to flow into your home. Again, water symbolizes wealth, so you want it to flow towards you, not away. The water should also flow towards the center of your lawn.

Water also represents your life journey and career. This is the area in the center of the bottom of your lawn. Water nourishes Wood, which is associated with the wealth sector in the back left corner.

For your information: the southern part of your property is usually assigned to the fire element. This is a bad place for water features.

Also important to note: There are times when it is necessary to weaken an item. If you have too many items, even if it causes problems, such as a flood, you must use a destructive item to control it. In this case, Earth.

If you struggle to get moisture in an area, add more mineral properties. You can add coins, metal arts, and mirrors to reflect the energy. Ultimately, you want the water to produce good energy for your home.

Water and the journey of your life

Water acts as a mirror for your life. It showcases your financial choices, home life, and knowledge. A garden with a smart gardener will be healthier than one without knowledge. The same applies to finances: people familiar with wealth know how to grow it, while those who rely solely on luck find it difficult to get money.

We use water to grow plants. We use our stable decisions and structures to grow funds. Water in feng shui helps you think about your relationship with money.

Homework to reflect on your relationship to water and money
Consider the following questions related to money and wealth. These questions could be your personal homework. Spend an hour thinking and pondering these questions.

Is your lawn set up to handle runoff? Is your life so organized that you can handle cash flow?
What insurance did you buy to protect your money from high fees? What minerals did you put in as insurance to protect the waters from the drying up of the earth?
What methods do you use to stay hydrated? What methods do you use to make sure you don't run out of money?
A drop of water will disappear automatically. Put all the water together, and you have a pond, river, or lake. The coin will fall into the wallet: full coins = wealth accumulation.
The park with abundant water features makes room for wildlife generously. Generosity comes when you have wealth to share. Do you have a plan for how to be generous in nature and wealth?
Without water, you will either die of dehydration or become seriously ill. Without money, you can take advantage of your power of choice. What element destroys and steals your water, and which element destroys and steals your money?
Money is a measure of one's choice. Water is the measure of one's life. What can you do to improve your measurements?

Add the fountains.

The fountain is the most well-liked water feng shui element in gardens. Your garden becomes calmer as a result. Fountains stand for centred energy and inner fortitude.

A great fountain may store many gallons' worth of water. Avoid bright warm colors associated with fire, such as red, orange, and yellow. This will look like a quarrel or conflict.

The material you choose for your fountain will also play a factor. The brass or steel spring is bonded to the metal. Stone or ceramic fountain attached to the ground. The material does not matter as much as its ability to hold a sufficient amount of water.

The springs should be in the open. They should not be placed under anything. Don't hide your glasses. It will splatter on things and destroy things.
Some feng shui experts recommend placing the fountain on the right side of the door instead of the left side. (This rule is for indoor fountains.)
Try placing a bucket of water where you want it and leaving it there for a week. Check if it produces any unwanted changes or effects.
It is recommended to install one fountain at a time and see how it affects your garden. Applying too many fountains at once can be disastrous. This can stress the water, and it can also be noisy.
The fountain water must flow continuously and must not be left stagnant.
Use a timer or auto shut off pump.
Once a month, I turn off the fountain to clean it with a mild detergent.
Add water treatments to keep your spring water clean and clear.
The fountains are beautiful and magical. It can make your garden more lively and fresh. People like to sit by the fountain and think. These are the best places to sit at noon for lunch.

Add water elements to embrace the animals.

The right garden attracts life. The park will be a haven for fish, birds and four-legged creatures. You want to make sure your garden is tame and not too wild. You don't want too many animals running around ruining your flowers, vegetables, and fruits.

There are right ways to invite animal guests and wrong ways to invite insects. You have to be intentional with your garden and give it constant energy and attention to help it maintain its balance.

Add a Koi Pond

Ponds attract positive energy or chi. Water helps balance the forces of nature and creates a healthy environment for living things. The pond should be large enough for the fish to swim happily from one place to another.

Add a curved bridge over the pond.
Add a mirror to reflect energy.
Koi ponds are perfect for placing close to areas where you wish to produce lovely flowers, fruits, and vegetables.
This place should be quiet. It should be far away from dangerous items and noise.
Monitor your koi pond to ensure it is not overcrowded. If it gets too crowded, consider moving some of the fish to another pond.
Bird baths and bird feeders
Bird baths invite birds that want to splash with water. These may enhance the appearance of your garden and provide height.

Columns and vertical objects are associated with the wood element.
Ceramic bird baths are associated with the earth element.
Check your birdbaths periodically to make sure they aren't growing mold or algae. Clean them with water + lemon mixture. Do not use harsh detergents, as this may harm the birds.

Bird feeders often contain liquid. Be careful with bird feeders as they are usually red for the birds. You may want to place bird feeders in more specific areas of wood. In this way, the birds have a good view of the vegetation and can eat pesky insects.

Blue and black in nature

The blue and black colors are somewhat exotic in nature. They are not as strange as the gray color that represents the metallic element.

Blue and black watercolor. They produce delicious berries and beautiful flowers. There aren't really many blue vegetables, but there are plenty of purple or black ones.

It is very unusual for a tree to have blue leaves, bark, or flowers. Jacaranda is the perfect blue tree for watercolor. The rainbow eucalyptus trees in the Philippines have bark of every color. These trees are beautiful, but they are most likely not native to your area. I recommend going with the local plants. Growing tropical plants in the Midwest can be challenging, and by bringing in non-native plants, you could end up with something invasive.

Post pictures of mice and pigs.

The rat and the pig represent the water element in the Chinese zodiac. Rat is the clever winner in the great race held by the Jade Emperor. Fly to the bull on the day of the race and jump off the bull in time to win. The first place in the Zodiac is given to the Rat. (A rat is sometimes called a mouse in other countries/cultures.)

However, the boar took its sweet time getting to the end of the race. She was also the last, after the monkey, the rooster, and the dog, who all fled to fight evil in another country.

The rat represents the yang energy of water.
The pig represents the yin energy of water.
Add a fountain with designs of mice, rats, or pigs.
Hide art of mice and pigs all over your yard.
Add scarecrows with mice or pig faces.
The Rat and the Pig are the symbolic guardians of wealth and prosperity.
Mice and pigs are not seen as gods or goddesses. You should not worship a rat or a pig. They are supposed to be friendly watchdogs.
Mice scare away thieves.

Tips for using water features in your yard

Keep water features clean. Move the debris away from an area of water that could block and dry it out. Cloudy or heavy water with algae creates negative energy in your environment. You want the water to flow without pollution.
If you have a pool, keep an eye on the pH level. This will help keep your fish healthy.
Add plants that crave water to your water feature space. You want plants that love moisture and moist soil and don't mind waterlogging. Water area is not good for succulents and cacti.
Wells have great hydropower to them. They are very good at retaining water and also have a rounded fin that represents water and yin.

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