How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden With Fruit

 How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden With Fruit

Butterflies love nectar, but they often can't get enough flowers in your garden if it's out of season or other pollinators are competing with them. Fortunately, you can encourage butterflies to visit your garden by providing some simple foods from your kitchen.

How to make a butterfly feeder

Plant hanging stakes (often called a "shepherd's thistle") in your garden.
Rub according to his comment.
Place a small bowl of ripe fruit or honey water on a plate.
Fill the plate with water.
Place the plate in the morning after removing it at night.

It is important to make sure that the butterfly feeder is not on the ground, but sometimes ants can still hop over these little stands. If they did, the water on the plate would act as a moat. So instead of the ants crawling over the fruit or honey, they will either end up in the water or they will turn around and go home.

What do butterflies like to eat?

Butterflies love sugar, so if you can't provide them with enough nectar from your garden's plants, they could choose a sweet substitute.

Ripe Fruit

Butterflies enjoy obtaining nectar from ripe fruit, and use their proboscis to suck juice from fruit as they would nectar from flowers. Some of the fruits that butterflies particularly enjoy are:

Orange slices

Rotten fruit contains carbohydrates and minerals that butterflies love so much. So the next time you get a piece of fruit that's gone a little mushy, consider chopping it up for the local butterflies instead of tossing it in the compost.

Honey Water

Honey water is yet another delight that butterflies like. I love using honeycomb from the hives, but I know it's not always something on hand. Simply use normal honey from your neighbourhood grocery shop.

Whatever you choose, add a little water to a small dish to make a pretty butterfly meal.

When do you feed butterflies?

Keep these decaying fruits in your yard all day long since butterflies like to emerge in bright sunlight. They are attracted to light, so they eat in the morning and early afternoon before finding a good hiding place to sleep at night.

Remove feeders at night to keep out trespassers.

You'll want to make sure you remove these foods from your garden at night. If you don't, you may end up with some guests like raccoons and other animals interested in an easy snack. So I recommend removing the butterfly feeder from the garden at night and replacing it with some new fruit in the morning.

Enjoy your new friends in the garden!

Your butterflies will be comfortable enough to land on your shoulder. Although it doesn't happen frequently, when it does, it is very wonderful.

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