How to Design Your Garden Like a Virgo

 How to Design Your Garden Like a Virgo

Virgo's garden should be strict, contemplative, and soothing. Virgo is not into bright colors and big floral designs. They will find it annoying and pretentious. Virgo is one of the most independent signs. People born under this sign are very cerebral, known to embrace a soft tone, and are fierce idealists.

A garden suitable for a Virgo is low maintenance, easy to understand and monastic. Of all the garden designs based on Western astrology, Virgo is the best suited for a Zen garden.

Details to keep in mind while planning Kanya Garden
Virgo is the last sign of summer.
Virgo is a mutable earth sign. They are not stubborn, fixed, or romantic like Taurus. They are neither religious nor family oriented like Capricorns.
Earth tones are your best friend: rusty reds, pale yellows, sandy whites, and every shade of brown imaginable.
Native plants are a plus. A Virgo garden should fit in naturally with the surroundings. Don't grow invasive plants or plants that aren't suited to your environment. A tropical setting should have tropical plants. The desert site must have desert plants.
The garden should invite pollinators, including bees and birds.
Succulents are a plus. Succulents are easy to maintain and come in a virgo-appropriate color palette.
Virgo is known as the symbol of the harvest. Symbols of this sign are Wheat and prairie grass.

Trust the earth feng shui.

Adherence to the principles of feng shui will give the correct aesthetics to the Maiden garden. Earth is the most important element for Virgo, whether in Western astrology or the Chinese zodiac.

About the Earth Element

In Feng Shui, Earth is the weakest element. There are five elements in the Chinese zodiac: earth, water, metal, fire, and wood There are four animal signs on Earth. Each of the remaining four elements contains two tags.

Earth is a mixture of yin and yang.

Earth does well for the transition between seasons. The Chinese zodiac has the following pattern: Water, Earth, Wood, Wood, Earth, Fire, Fire, Earth, Metal, Metal, Earth, Water.
The basic shape of the Earth is the square.
The element is represented by flat areas.
A Virgo's garden should be soft and embracing squares and hearts.
Clay pots are recommended for Virgo gardens. Add hanging pots, terra cotta, porcelain, brick, pottery and the like. Also add paths to this content type.

How to avoid the wood element in the garden

The Wood element is considered destructive to the Earth. Avoid having many tall features such as columns, trellises, and pergolas. Climbing vines don't fit a Virgo's space. You don't want too much shade either; Virgo is the symbol of summer.

Avoid plants and structures that seem more appropriate for spring. The flowers that look good in the maiden garden are yellow, brown and white petals. If you can add wheat or prairie grass, that's a big plus.

Do's and don'ts of stress on the floor.

The soil component includes: rich soil, fine sandboxes, rock mulch, soil, compost, and gravel. You want to be vigilant about weeding. Vegetation must be cut and controlled. Make sure that tree branches do not touch your home. Cut back branches if they are encroaching on your home. In feng shui, branches touching your home bring bad luck.

You don't want your garden to look like a lush forest. You want it to look like a Zen garden, a meadow, or a field. You should ultimately go with the landscaping and not try to damage it.

Your garden area should be as flat as possible.
You need a flat area where you can meditate, do yoga, get a tan, or read a book.
Virgos do well with a large balcony area where they can have lots of plants, vegetables, and the like.
Add an area where you can play games, especially logic-based ones like chess, mahjong, go, and dominoes.
Post pictures of boxes all over your yard.
Avoid colors like pink, purple, red, and orange.
Set up a square table where people can sit and gather for coffee or tea.

How to Create a Virgo-Friendly Zen Garden

I believe that Virgo and Capricorn are the two Western astrological signs that would most benefit from having a Zen garden. Zen Garden is a perfect match for Virgo. The purpose of the space is to help you relax, gain clarity, and feel comfortable with your imagination.

Features and characteristics of Zen Gardens

White rocks and gravel: Zen gardens have two main features: rocks and white gravel. People are encouraged to arrange the stones to their liking. Gravel is meant to be used to create designs.

Placement: The Zen garden is usually planted in the corner of a patio. Contrast textures from the rest of your yard. A winding path usually leads to a Zen garden. The space is separated by a bamboo fence or wall.

Plants: Plants are kept to a minimum, and pruned. You don't want to include plants that spread like crazy. You also don't want weeds or weeds to form in the gravel. Recommended plants for this site include: bamboo, Japanese maples, azaleas, rhododendrons, and conifers.

Accessories: Add utensils, sculptures, and art. You want your Zen garden to have muted colors. Stick to earth colors and very few pops of red.

Fountain: Add a fountain to the sound of water. The noise of a zen garden should contrast with the urban sounds. Dripping water, waving grass and rustling leaves are more attractive than car horns. You don't want to overwhelm your garden in zen with water features, but a few delicious fountains or ponds can make a difference for your soul.

Seating and Places: A Zen garden should have benches facing the attractive parts of the space. You need a place where you can sit, reflect, and enjoy simplicity. You also want a place where you can stretch your limbs to do some yoga poses or other exercises.

Rock Arrangements: Rocks are arranged in abstract ways to represent something meaningful for the home. Rocks can represent mountains, people, animals, and famous landmarks. Pebbles are often used to represent rivers, lakes, and oceans. The rocks can be grouped together or randomly placed to create the desired effect. Randomly placed rocks are considered to be discarded or unlabeled rocks.

Care and maintenance tips

Regular maintenance of your Zen garden is important. Neglecting the place brings bad luck or bad qi.

Once a month, turn off the springs and clean them with the solution. Check that the pumps are working properly and there is no damage.
Check the pH level of your pool.
Make sure there are no fallen leaves in the gravel or pond. Remove leaves regularly. Turning leaves into mulch.
Cook the grits regularly to reduce dust and keep the energy active in the grits.
Check for any artifacts for wear.
Keep plants pruned.

A Place to Study

Virgo is a perfectionist, logician, and independent thinker. The garden should be created as a secluded place where Virgo can learn. It is important to have external thinking games. If Virgo wants to play games with someone, there should be tables for two. Great games for Virgos include: chess, checkers, blocks, Tetris, and anything with numbers in it.

It's also a good idea to create a place where Virgo can take a book or other reading material. You can create a porch library, or connect your garden area with an indoor library.

Virgo should have quick access to yoga mats, Tibetan bowls, meditation equipment, and anything that helps one relax. Virgo should practice her problem-solving skills when she is alone. They should follow this with meditation exercises to prevent themselves from overthinking.

Look to legends for inspiration

Virgo Virgo. The story surrounding Virgo is based on several myths, including one about Astraea. In Greek mythology, she was the last immortal to leave Earth at the end of the Silver Age, when the gods left the world to return to Olympus. Her element is associated with Earth because she has been with the planet longer than the others. In any mythology, Virgo is associated with wheat.

Persephone and Hades

The Virgo tradition is also heavily influenced by the stories of Persephone. In Greek and Roman mythology, the constellation Virgo is associated with Demeter, mother of Persephone and goddess of the harvest.

Persephone, or Prosperpina, has been kidnapped and taken to the Underworld. You will spend six months out of the year there. You will return to Earth for the remaining six months. She is considered a field maiden and part of a divine couple with Hades (or Pluto).

The purpose of the story of Persephone and Hades is to tell the story of the seasons. When the Sun is in Virgo, the seasons begin to change into cooler months. Virgo is a transit, a midpoint in the annual cycle.

Other Traditions

In Egyptian mythology, when the sun was in Virgo, it signaled the harvest season.

In Christianity, Jesus was born of a virgin in the city of Bethlehem, whose name translates as bread (food from wheat). Virgo is often discussed in relation to the Virgin Mary.

Reflect the legend of the Virgin in your garden

Virgo is considered pure, calm and wise. The Virgo-like settings are rustic, charming, and ranch-like. Virgo's space may contain hidden barns, corn mazes, or animal pastures.

A garden based on the constellation of Virgo, or Persephone, could be a perfect rustic setting for a wedding. It could be a church, a barn on a farm, a hotel in Kansas, or a charming English country house on a prairie.

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