How to Water Indoor Plants While on Vacation

 Clay Watering Spikes: The perfect vacation water plant

We've experimented with a variety of automatic indoor plant watering systems over the years to keep our plants alive throughout the holidays. Each of these systems had some problems that eventually led us to abandon them.

Electronic houseplant watering systems are prone to failure due to power outages and mechanical failures - including clogged pipes or clogged filters. And if any of these complex systems fail, you could lose all of your plants if you depended only on them for watering while you were gone.

An automated watering system for houseplants can be very expensive, not to mention keeping all of your plants around a central watering point. For homes with many plants in different rooms, this can be a pain to say the least.

Finally, we decided to use simple and foolproof terracotta corkscrews, which are hollow and designed to be used with a recycled wine or other long-necked bottle. The nicest part of this straightforward method was that it kept our plants alive while we were away for two weeks, saving us money on water, power, and appliances.

Why we love soil plant watering spikes

We like to use clay soil irrigation spikes because they are easy to use and are not subject to the aforementioned mechanical or electrical failures. The spike and a glass or plastic bottle are the only two major items that need to be handled; there are no moving parts or batteries to be concerned about.

A big advantage of using soil watering screws is that you can direct the water to the plant instead of hauling all the plants around your house around a central watering system before going on vacation.

How do they work?

It's made of terracotta clay that's slightly waterproof, allowing only a few drops to drip into your bowl every hour. These low-tech devices are handy even when you're at home because they make watering houseplants a breeze.

As a bonus, if you choose to add things like liquid fertilizer to the water bottles, it will help the plants grow better by providing a steady supply of water and nutrients.

How to use soil screws to water plants

Because of their strength, usability, and lifetime warranty, Upforsey products were our first choice for soil plant watering spikes. If one breaks down or fails to work, you can get a replacement watering screw for free.

You may want to use a bottle with a long neck, such as a wine bottle, that will fit snugly into the tube of the clay spike.
Choose a large or small bottle, depending on how much water the plant may need and how long it can go. For plants that use very little water, such as succulents, you may not need a bottle. Fill only the top of the soil with water.
For larger plants, such as indoor trees or palms, you may need to use more than one soil nail and a wine bottle. Large 2-liter wine bottles will work, but be careful not to lean them on something solid as they can be heavy.

How long will soil watering spurts keep plants hydrated?

The longest we've watered our plants with soil water spikes is two weeks. For some of the larger, more "thirsty" plants, like horsetail palms, we used two soil spikes with two large wine bottles.

Test the water system before you travel.

Testing the Clay Spike House plant watering system before the trip is the best method to determine how long it will keep your plants hydrated. If you notice that some larger plants need water earlier than you expect, try using a large bottle or several screws of soil watering in the same pot.
Be sure to use a drip tray under your plants to protect your floor or furniture, just in case you go.

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